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Alexander Credit Opportunities Fund

A weekly priced fixed income credit fund with over 10 years of track record, low volatility and a stable unit price.

Benchmark: AusBond Bank Bill Index + 2%
Management Fee: 1.33% pa
Performance Fee: 20.5% of above benchmark return
Minimum Investment: $25,000
Applications: Weekly

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Alexander Credit Income Fund

A diversified portfolio of Australian fixed income credit assets offering daily pricing and a minimum 75% investment grade allocation

Benchmark: AusBond Bank Bill Index + 1%
Management Fee: 0.65% pa
Minimum Investment: $25,000
Applications: Daily

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Economic Updates Economic Roundup

Economic Roundup - November 2023

Posted by Stephen Roberts on Nov 27, 2023 11:49:57 AM

Economic releases in November show signs of moderating economic activity in the US and Europe as...

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Economic Updates

Updated The RBA is Likely to Hike Rates More

Posted by Stephen Roberts on Nov 20, 2023 10:31:06 AM

We wrote last week that the RBA will hike rates again, most likely in February rather than at their...

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