Alexander Funds takes a holistic approach to minimising the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact of our operations. Our ESG Committee is responsible for integrating ESG initiatives across all aspects of the organisation and ensuring that our efforts continue to evolve and improve.

Our ESG Approach

Alexander Funds has a dedicated Responsible Investment Policy that details our commitment to ESG and operating in our investors' best interests. We are also committed to our responsibility as  UNPRI signatories and to the UNPRI's Six Principles

We support outright condemnation of modern slavery and ensure that all companies in which we invest adhere to the legal requirements associated with supporting human rights and avoiding modern slavery. We also support and endorse our Responsible Entity's Modern Slavery Statement



We're continuously implementing new initiatives to address ESG at a corporate level, including:

  • Incorporating ESG into all third-party provider reviews and prioritising engagement  with suppliers who address ESG considerations
  • Offsetting our carbon emissions through partnership with GreenFleet Australia
  • Adopting the Sustainability Acknowledgements and Green Lease Schedule of our primary business address
  • Using Muru Office Supplies as our primary stationery supplier

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We advocate and encourage engagement with philanthropic and community-minded organisations through team volunteering events, staff volunteer days, and a dedicated corporate donation budget with recipients chosen by a different staff member each month.

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