The Alexander Credit Opportunities Fund is a diversified portfolio of fixed interest opportunities with a proven track record and a net annual return* of 4.86% as at 31 January 2020**.

Please note this fund is closed to new investors.

ACOF aims to provide investors with:

Stable returns - no negative monthly returns since 2011**

Regular income - annual distributions historically exceeding 5%**

Capital stability - historically stable unit price**

Diversification - within a fixed income portfolio and overall asset allocation

* returns displayed are net of all fees and transaction costs

** past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

ˆnet of hedges

ACOF at a glance:

Availability - Closed to new investors

Investment Grade Allocationˆ - Target of 50% investment grade credit

Benchmark - Ausbond Bank Bill Index + 2%

Management Fee - 1.33% p.a.

Performance Fee - 20% above the Benchmark¨

Credit Duration - +5 years to 0 years

Interest Rate Duration - +1 years to 0 years

Minimum Application - $25,000

Distributions - Quarterly***

Applications/Redemptions - Weekly

Current Buy/Sell Spread - 0.25%

ˆ portfolio holdings may drop below this target on occasion

¨ Performance Fees are subject to a high watermark. Consult PDS for further details.

*** Distributions are not guaranteed